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Scientific Flavor Scientist R&D - IL - Chicago -Careers in Food

Cutting edge research and development position in a world class Research and Development (R&D) organization
Looking for a Leader in Flavor development in the food and beverage industry.
Cutting edge scientific role in a multi-billion dollar company

PhD preferred with a minimum of 5 years of related experience
Master’s Degree with a MINIMUM of 10 years of experience in the area
Food Science, Food Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Materials Science, Chemistry, Biology, micro-biology other related degrees

MUST HAVE ingredient development experience
MUST HAVE development experience.  We are NOT looking for a food application person
In depth knowledge desirable in the areas of: flavor modification  related research
Knowledge of health and wellness, design, implementation, and analysis of research projects.  

This position would be responsible for identifying new ingredient/solution approaches
The day to day responsibilities will be in developing flavor related research that will impact worldwide operations
Manage internal and external research related to food development
Prepare technical information regarding flavor related research for use by sales and marketing.
Key member of the team that would develop the direction of flavor related research activities.

You will be inventing new products, new research and new development.  We are not looking for someone to blend or create existing products.
We are looking for a person who can develop new products in new applications

We are looking for an inventor.  We are NOT looking to hire an individual looking for a food scientist role. Nor will we hire a chemical engineer. Nor a material scientist.

Preferred PhD degrees include Chemistry, Materials Science, Food Science, Chemical Engineering or related technical degrees

Both H1B candidates and NAFTA candidates (from Mexico and Canada) will be sponsored by the company.

Salary range is commensurate with experience and will be competitive. Compensation in the low six figures.

Relocation expenses will be paid by the company.

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