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Commodities Job - Product Manager - Fertilizer Trader

Location: Midwest


This position will work closely to forecast and communicate fertilizer pricing, production and demand and execute the trades to attain goals. 


Price forecasting will be an important component of flat price fertilizer position as well as improved understanding of fertilizer's correlation with energy, corn and price elasticity. 


This position will need to establish contacts / relationships in the various stages of fertilizer production and consumption to develop new concepts and techniques to further advance our understanding of fertilizer pricing dynamics. 


This position requires knowledge of fertilizer markets, strong analytical / statistical / modeling capacity, strong vision to drive results, and a very high level of creativity. 


This position will be the knowledge center for the company in regards to fertilizer pricing.


Principal Accountabilities:

  • Develop and maintain regional fertilizer monthly values for key importing/exporting regions.
  • Champion collaboration between company business units to improve analysis between grain, energy, fuel and fertilizer
  • Develop new techniques, concepts and models to forecast monthly fertilizer supply, demand and pricing.
  • Considered for fertilizer dynamics and must enhance the team understanding of fertilizer price elasticity as is related to demand.
  • Develop and maintain database, research, analyze and communicate trends and develop charting capabilities and price trend recommendations to help support the product lines.


  • A bachelor's degree in economics, business, or finance
  • Understanding of North American Fertilizer Infrastructure and Markets
  • Proficiency in database design and management
  • Strong Statistical / Modeling / Forecasting Proficiency
  • Ability to understand and assimilate complex and ambiguous information


  • Understanding of global fertilizer infrastructure and markets (preferred, not required)
  • Understanding of grain markets (preferred, not required)

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