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Ag Job - Swine Technical Support / Nutritionist - advanced degree

Major feed manufacturer seeks Swine Technical Support Specialist to work with the sales team throughout western Iowa, eastern South Dakota and Southwestern Minnesota.

- Company is a leader in the field and has a strong research program allowing them to bring innovative products to the market which will keep you as a leader in the industry
- Growing territory with a good sales force who are technically savvy and understand how a great tech person can help them grow and grow their business
- Strategically located plants that can provide product to customers quickly and cost-effectively making the company competitive
- Corporate culture empowers you to get things done in the field, not lots of layers of management, big size, small company reaction time
- Company places emphasis on training including ongoing training for Tech Support staff & sales professionals, dealers and producers
- Big company that acts like a little company, you get answers and decisions promptly
- Job includes helping producers with trouble-shooting, management support and problem-solving for producers, working with dealers and training sales people
- The company has many new products in the pipeline and you have input on new products.
- Company is committed to the swine industry and is committed to researching new products.
- Professional development is encouraged, you will attend major meetings and have input on which meetings you attend
- You will report to a Ph.D. who understands the importance of your role and having office time to prepare for field days
- Excellent compensation and benefits package (401K + pension), car allowance and expense account

You may be based in an office in your home or possibly at a plant, but will spend 3 days of your week in the field with customers. Expect two overnights each week.
- Support sales reps bringing technical assistance direct to the customer
- Work with dealers providing sales & technical support as both a stand-up speaker and 1 on 1
- Work with large direct accounts
- Assist customers with technical advice. Customers are independent swine growers and integrated food companies
- Provide input into research
- Formulate diets
- Write technical bulletins for customers and newsletters

- Master's degree or Ph.D. in Animal Nutrition, Monogastric Nutrition or Animal Science
- Passion for the swine industry
- Ability to overnight travel two nights/week
- Skilled in presenting technical issues to non-technical people AND to technical people
- Practical experience in swine nutrition, cooperative extension or swine management
- Ability to self-start and self-manage
- Be able to thrive in a team-oriented environment

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